Internet Dependency and Psychosocial Maturity Among College Students

Internet Dependency and Psychosocial Maturity Among College Students

Internet dependence or internet addiction, as it is often called by us is a modern day problem that affects the lives of many young people today. It is one of the biggest threats to academic and social life of students as well as adults all around the world. The first signs of its creeping into our lives can be spotted quite easily. For example, if you are using the internet to study for an exam, then you will more often than not need to have the internet on throughout the exam period to keep you focused and alert. On the other hand, if you have your own laptop computer at home, then you will not need to take the stress of having to access and use the internet during exam time.


Internet addiction is indeed a great threat to our society. Not only does it lead to poor grades, but it also hampers personal growth of a person. This is because we are now able to access information from anywhere in the world at any time. Cyberpsychology has come up with unique solutions to overcome this severe threat to academic life. These solutions involve educating the college students about the dangers of cyberpsychology. What is this?


Cyberpsychology is basically the use of the internet as a medium to interact and understand mental health. This is quite different from traditional psychotherapy as it does not include the introduction of drugs or alcohol. Since college students do not consume alcohol or drugs, there is no obvious cause for addiction among them. Therefore, we need to find other causes for this addiction among college students.

cyberpsychological addiction

One possible cause of cyberpsychological addiction among college students is poor educational resources. This happens when teachers do not devote enough time and attention to learning materials. Because of this, the students are not capable of receiving proper guidance. They easily get lured into downloading free software that will get them hooked into cyberpsychology. In order to correct this, teachers should develop computer-based education which will help in building up good computer based skills, reading, writing, listening, and comprehension.


Another cause of addiction among college students is the school satisfaction, which is affected by poor internet use. Since students often communicate with their friends using the internet, there is a high risk of getting into bad feelings with their classmates. If they have bad feelings towards someone, there is a high probability that they will get into cyberpsychology to resolve these issues. Based on a study, an addiction test is conducted among students to find out if they have bad feelings towards school due to internet use.


The last cause of addiction among college students is the lack of social life satisfaction. This occurs when students spend so much time chatting on the internet and they have no interest in having interpersonal relationships. This may have a negative effect on their social life. A recent survey shows that students who spend most of their time in front of the computer have low social life satisfaction. Thus, if this is the case, they might lose interest in having social relationships which lead to bad feelings and ultimately, addiction.

chronic pain

Students who are diagnosed with addiction usually suffer from chronic pain and are unable to function normally in normal life. Some of them develop depression and become completely immersed in their work. The school activities of these students suffer as they cannot participate in many events because of their bad feelings and mental health problems.


The above mentioned reasons are just some of the many reasons why it might occur among college students. However, it is very important to identify and take action on the problem if it is found. Hence, the schools should know about the risk factors for addiction and ask their students to abstain from internet use while they are undergoing the course. This is the first step towards preventing social life related problems and maintaining good school satisfaction.


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