Role of Media and Technology in Society

Role of Media and Technology in Society

In this modern world, the role of media and technology in society has greatly changed. Media and technology in today’s society include television, radio, film, video, and the Internet. The growth and development of all these media and technologies have dramatically affected society in many ways. Today’s society is largely dependent upon the penetration and distribution of these media and technologies. Thus, the impact of media and technology on society has become significant.


Social interaction, critical thought, and the exchange of ideas are the basis of a free society. Therefore, changes in society have also had an impact on societal structures and modes. A notable example is the way in which mass media has polarized the American public and polarized political debate. As a result of the polarized debate, a large number of US citizens now believes that they are being negatively impacted by political gridlock. Similarly, a large portion of the American public believes that climate change is either a real or a theoretical problem and has little or no impact on global warming and the worsening environmental situation.


Media and Technology have also impacted personal relationships in unique and interesting ways. For instance, online dating sites have increased the number of people who are interested in finding love, friendship, or a relationship. This means that people have greater options when it comes to meeting someone for a romantic relationship. However, increased communication has also increased the rate of breakup and divorce. Online dating sites have increased the rate of infidelity as well as the rate of lying and cheating.

Media and Technology

Media and Technology have also impacted us visually. For instance, advancements in camera and cell phone technology enable us to see the lives and activities of others around us. This can be used for good or for evil. In addition, the ability to film anyone and everyone has increased freedom and accountability. However, there are those who use this freedom and responsibility to invade the privacy of others. In addition, this same technology has enabled many people to commit serious crimes against children and other victims.


Media and Technology have also influenced how we think and act. Many businesses are using social networking websites and other technologies to market their products and services to the public. Unfortunately, these same technologies have also affected many business decisions. For instance, some companies have chosen to cancel advertising campaigns because of the negative impact that social network postings and Internet marketing may have had on their company’s profitability.


The Role of Media and Technology in Society continues to play a significant role. It has been used to increase awareness, build relationships, and influence societal decisions. As technology continues to impact our everyday lives, we must continue to recognize its power and consider the ramifications before we utilize it.

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Media and Technology will continue to play a major part in how we view the world around us. We are likely to become a more cohesive species as we continue to evolve our interaction with technology. We will also have more access to information and will be able to share it with others in a more personal way. As we proceed forward, it is likely that we will see greater levels of trust and honesty in our relationships. Media and technology will also continue to provide consumers and entrepreneurs with access to information and entertainment.


The Role of Media and Technology in Society continues to play a significant role. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked by marketers and business owners. Because of its influence on society, we need to address the issue head on and discuss the impact of media and technology on our everyday lives. We must also discuss ways that we can preserve the positive aspects of media and technology.


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